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This is a Community Vote !

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This vote has ended, and the side of oppose has won.

Recently, some of the Administrators have been talking about possibly suspending the rule Requires a specific amount of Edits in Order to use Chat (100 Edits in general, 50 of which are main space), since it seems we are losing editors and are not in a position to be restricting chat right now.

Therefore we have concluded we should suspend it temporarily.

Temporary? What?

Yes it will be temporary. That means at one point, when we are much more active, we will have it again and that it is not a permanent change.

Let us bullet point why:

  • More activity in the community.
  • Will allow newer users to acquaint themselves with the community further.
  • This suspension is temporary, it will eventually be re-enacted later on when it is needed again.

As always, please do not forget that:

  1. This is a Major Request and shall last between 3-5 Days
  2. Should 20 Votes come first prior to this, it must be a 2/3 Majority
  3. Only Users with 50 Main Space edits may vote.
  4. Do not argue one's opinion on why they voted what they did.
  5. And last, but not least, give a valid reason for your vote.

Support Support -

  1. William Brawlmaritn
  2. X Jumper
  3. David McMartin Son Of Sparrow
  4. Nults McKagan
  5. Viceroy Robert McRoberts
  6. JeffreyBlasthawk

Neutral Neutral -

  1. Dentface
  2. Bill24601
  3. William Seasteel
  4. GenLawrence

Oppose Oppose -

  1. Sir Hawke
  2. G-man.
  3. Jeremiah Garland
  4. Bobby Moon
  5. Lord Andrew Mallace
  6. John Breasly
  7. Jason Blademorgan
  8. Squirto19
  9. First $ea Lord Sven Daggerteel
  10. Gavin the Texan
  11. Reyes De Luz (Albert Spark)
  12. BoogieMango
  13. Blake Stewart
  14. Johnny Goldtimbers
  15. Voxelplox
  16. David Yellowfish
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