Prince Leon of England

aka Prince of America

Blocked from the Wiki
  • I live in Now why would I tell you? I'll give you a hint, it's a lot nicer than where you are. :)
  • My occupation is A Socialite
  • I am Male
  • Prince Leon of England

    Dear POTCO Players Wiki, I was recently asked to end my account by my parents, who find this game to be a distraction from what is truly important. My maids have been on patrol to make sure I am not using Pirates Online, I guess breaking my parents enforced rule has cause my downfall. My account : Prince Leon of England has been TERMINATED. Any hope I had of continuing my game experience has ended. I still have access to this Wiki which is banned until August 26, 2012, and has frequent glitches permitting me to have access to the Wiki. Well, I guess I am gone.

    Captain Leon has had a long run on Pirates Online, he has ruled the EITC, and even ruled Spain as a Prince. I guess it was meant to be. His Majesty Prince Leon wishes to say farewell t…

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