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So, for the past few weeks, Al, Garland and I have been coming together and discussing further ideas on reforming the wiki and removing the excessive drama. At this point, it has been decided that the strike system is to be abolished, and replaced with a "one warning system", also known as the "common sense" system; this system revolves around all users being expected to read the rules page, and follow each policy listed. Users who break these rules will be issued a single warning to refrain from such behavior, as well as a suggestion to read the policy again. Should the rule-breaking behavior continue, the user will be issued a block; as usual, the length of the ban will depend on the severity of the crime.

In short, users who would be permabanned on other wikis will no longer be able to abuse the strike system to get away with outlawed behavior; they will receive a single warning to cease the behavior, and be blocked if it continues. Thank you for your attention, have a good day.

In addition to the new system, any users who had only 1 chat or wiki strike will be clean slated. Any user who has 2+ will NOT be blocked, however, will have a warning in place on their record.

--Parax 00:04, September 5, 2013 (UTC)

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