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As you are aware, Marrace's request for Garland passed on the SSC, and thus has been moved to community vote. Le reasons:

  1. While he was "demoted", that was himself resigning as a result of a temporary inability to fulfill his duties. One of many examples that he is a responsible user working for the goooord of the wiki.
  2. That 3 admin rule thing that we go by. By far, Garland's the most experienced of our rollbacks/chatmods, making him most fit for the position.
  3. Very active user here, be it simple edits to socializing here. Either way, his activity means he is capable of keeping watch and order here.
  4. He has an excellent attitude here and a good relationship with users, making him not just a responsible admin, but also one that users will feel comfortable around.


  1. Parax.
  2. Captain Ned Edgewalker
  3. Reyes De Luz (Albert Spark)
  4. Nults McKagan
  5. Lord Andrew Mallace
  6. David McMartin Son Of Sparrow
  7. Jack Pistol
  8. Voxelplox
  9. Sharple
  10. Madster.
  11. Johnny Goldtimbers
  12. BoogieMango


  1. Blake Stewart
  2. Viceroy Robert McRoberts


  1. G-man.
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