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Dear Eitc:

I have decided to retire. I know it seems heart breaking, but this is no joke. I really am sick of The Paradox, and i thought this war was close to a end. There’s no way shape or form I might ever return. It may happen but most likely won’t. I’m sorry for this, we all know the EITC needs as much soldiers as they can get but, its time for me to retire. Again not now, when I get the Council of Elders in my resume’ is when I will retire. It’s been a nice four years in the service. I know it brings emotions, but it’s time. “Never be forced, always be curious, and just make the best of it, THERES NEVER A WRONG ANSWER.” I loved serving all of you, Lord Marshall Redbeard, Lord William Brawlmartin, Usman, Lord Johnny Goldtimbers, Lord Billy Hull Batten, Lord Cutler Beckett. I never really had enemies in the EITC but, it's time. Thanks for the Life time of fun, and again i might return, i'm going to Order of Nautilus. I will always be loyal to my leaders to my followers, and to my great family, YOU guys.

P.S. If anyone is going to take my rank it will be Prince Leon, or Captain Ryan.
Asdasdas da


P.S.S I want you guys to have a Farewell Ceremony!!! It would tell me that you will miss me :)!

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