The Russian congress met today, discussing the revolutionary rebellion today concerning King John Breasly (George Augustus II) and EITC Lord Marshall Samuel Redbeard (Harrington) . I, Czar Andrew Maxmillius the I of New Russia, along with many of my advisors, including my deputy prince Roger Decksteel, have come to a stop in between a rock and a hard place. My fellow Russian's are extremely fond with England, and King Breasly himself, with non-stop trade routes flowing each day, and very healthy diplomatic relations. On the other hand, most Russian's are affiliated in EITC affairs, support Lord Redbeard, and the EITC is the biggest contributor to the Russian Economy, supplying troops and transport. Nobody knows what to do. I don't wish to remain neutral, however: I wish to fight for a side. Convince and help us folks. Where do we stand in this war, which side will we gain the most from??

    • UPDATE:**

Lord Redbeard is no longer the leader. He has been exiled and deemed to be executed by King Breasly. Lord Marshall Cad Bane is now the leader. Russia has sided with the New and lasting EITC and with England. Long Live Czar Andrew Maxmillius. Czar Andrew, Ex-EITC High Lord EITC Transparent

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