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The side of Support won in the vote!


CONGRATS WAG, YOU MADE IT..........................3 DAYS PASSED.

Copypasted from Jerry's SSC request:

"Due to Parax's recent resignation, I believe it is time we let another new user step up to the plate. As the wiki currently stands, our leadership is composed of three users – two administrators and a sole rollback/chat moderator – which is a less than stellar number for operating this site. I believe we should continue the tradition of gradual initial promotion to the position of rollback, and I feel the obvious candidate for this title is WaglingtonŒ.

1) Mature, level-headed user who understands the wiki's rules and the functions of a rollback.

2) Highly active, both on chat and as an editor of the wiki itself, thus showing reliability and accessibility.

3) A veteran user of the wiki with leadership experience elsewhere.

4) Looking at activity, he's really one of the only consistent editors still making new material, so...

5) Has shown clear leadership skills, a deep dedication and appreciation for the wiki and its users, and a drive to preserve its content.

I request the administration consider this proposal wisely and with an open-mind. I also request that drama and arguing be taken elsewhere. Thank you."

You know the drill folks. Vote away as you have the right too. May Bush bless your dreams,

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Support Support -

  1. Lord Andrew Mallace
  2. Nults McKagan
  3. Squirto19
  4. Slappy2742
  5. Sir Joseph Grey
  6. Jeremiah Garland
  7. John Breasly
  8. HurrcheeseDa2nd
  9. Captain Ned Edgewalker

Neutral Neutral -

Oppose Oppose -

  1. G-man.
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