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When I left at 6:59 PST on Thursday, December 29th, 2016, and jokingly said "Wag, hold the fort," I did not expect my words to bare such truth. I thought we, as a community, were past the 2012 (that I admittingly sometimes instigated) childish arguments designed only to create chaos in hopes of triggering the admins. But tonight gave us a dark reminder that the shadow of our 2012 selves still exists; while hidden deep within our newer, mature egos, it still lurks.

I don't care about your side of the story. I don't care whether you feel Breasly was trolling, or that Wag was being partisan and harsh, or that you feel Ned unfairly didn't allow the nomination of the British Empire - I do not care at all. I've heard each side, and I am disappointed in each side. Additionally, I saw the facebook and Skype chats the erupted as an emanation of the saltiness that occurred on chat.

I wanted to make this blog to 1: ensure people that no further disciplinary action is being taken against anyone - the sides have settled, and that 2: I am extremely disappointed in the way fellow users and staff members treated one another today. No matter what the subject of the argument is, do not ever resort to vulgar insults and volatile behavior toward other members of our community.  There is not, never has been, and never will be any justification for such acts as they reflect terribly on all of us. These wounds can be deep and irreversible, but luckily we've seen the proven resilience of the wiki and we're unfortunately used to disagreements.

Going forward, I am going to ask Ned to please allow users to write-in any nominations for the Oscars... and that will be that. 

We're better than this. All of us. 


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