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From all of us here at the GFW, the site that will never die or run out of content ever, we wish our users, editors, chatters, distinguished guests, and visitors an extraordinarily fantastic winter break that is hopefully filled with joy and potentially some regret. It has been an amazing year and we've had some very fun times. Despite the world coming to an end, I have many memories that I will cherish from 2016 and our future is bright as we head in 2017. Again, have a wonderful holiday break and enjoy the chance to, rather than do homework, waste your nights on TLOPO grinding towards 50 against the odds that the Beta might be wiped when it goes live. 

On an additional note, here's a brief look into what we have planned for 2017. First, we're going to sta---

ChristmasBlog.exe has stopped working.

See you next year!

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