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Yep, sorry we missed it by 1 day. In a way, I think it's a great symbol of how we are as a wiki; we might be late on a few key matters, but we never seem to completely miss the mark. Regardless, many of us have been here since 2010-2011, which means that you have essentially spent the last half-a-decade logging into chat each day after school and participating in "wiki activities." 

Us few wikians that have managed to survive through the past few years have seen it all, from promotion and demotion drama, to general drama, to drama caused by drama, to drama infused by the drama the created general drama that usually lead to a demotion drama, etc. We've had our low points, but what matters is that we're still here. I am proud to edit here along with those who have stayed loyal and continue to contribute to our everlasting site.

But let's not forget that aside from the drama, we've grown up with this site. I spent half my entire high school career editing here and now I'm editing into my yonder-years. There is no age limit (pls no under 13) for this site and we've proved that through our continued and hugely unexpected survival. We've proven the nay-sayers wrong and even surprised ourselves with our power to not-disappear. Give yourselves a pat on the back.

Also, our user Nults brilliantly summed up our feelings towards having nearly forgotten to make this blog... and, well, the wiki in general: "




The administration just wanted to thank everyone for all of their edits and to use this time to commemorate the 6th year since Curycoo made the decision to start this site on March 10, 2010. It's been one helluva ride since then and we're all glad to have shared it with each of you. Long live the PPW! With pride,

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