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The side of Support won in the vote!

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This is a Community Vote !

Please do not spam this page with unnecessary comments.

NOTE: Spamming on this blog will result in
deletion of unnecessary comments.

If this passes, we can easily work out the logistics of either using MOKAD or something separate. Urge everyone to vote their conscious and beware of bias. An investigation has been opened due to Law's incredibly disparaging and disjoining comments to make sure this isn't another attempt at sabotage. Happy voting!

Copy pasted from Nults McKagan's SSC post:

"When I made my proposal to legalize most swearing, this is what I really wanted, I just settled because I figured it wouldn't get approved, but I'd like to try it now. I propose we make an official discord, added to the sidebar of the wiki, entitled "Gamers Fanon Wiki" or something of the like. We could do what the last proposal suggested and allow most swearing, other than slurs, and basically just enforce common sense rules like no spamming. I also suggest we lock nicknaming and tie every account who joins to a wiki user, as to prevent any influx of socks or other people who cause trouble.

If this passes, I can give server ownership of MOKAD (the current unofficial wiki discord) to Mallace since it already has people in it and we can just repurpose that. We can always keep chat and have a discord on the sidebar along with it, like POTCOBritain wiki does, if we so choose."

Democracy will never die

Hail the GFW,

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Support Support -

  1. Nults McKagan
  2. Squirto19
  3. Johnny Goldtimbers
  4. Lawrence Ironhawk
  5. Lord Andrew Mallace

Oppose Oppose -

  1. WaglingtonŒ

Neutral Neutral -

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