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Hey y'all- As your new self-declared wiki Emperor of American Affairs and All Things Freedom (AAATF, pronounced Aāh-tuff), I wanted to bring back the newsletter. It would something fun for us to do and even though most of us stalk activity like hawks (though I prefer Bald Eagles wrapped in Capitalism carrying dollar bills), it can definitely be an easy and fun way to look back and stay up with current events. Mostly fun. Plus, activity. And free ponies provided by Vermin Supreme.

Regardless, I would be happy to start this project back and up and if enough people are interested, make it a thing. Anyone who wants to take a position is welcome to and it can be an involved thing.

But maybe y'all hate fun and prefer communism, and there is little interest, and I'll just write it on my own to myself.

Please provide your input! And if you want to help, lemme know! Our previous newsletter (which we can certainly continue with), The Caribbean Times, was a bit of a huuuumph but this time we can do it. Feel free to take inspiration from the lovely, awe-inspiring redish background on that link.


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