The War Ends.

Challenged by cries for liberty and an end to dictatorship, four months ago, war with the Spanish was once more declared. Although many of the public had thought the war had long-ended and that an ear of peace beared its roots into our future, battles raged on. Forces under Minister Daggersteel comandeered the Spanish fleet until meerly nothing was left.

However, mid-afternoon this Sunday, December 2nd, an operation was carried out that successfully ended the war.

Former Spanish Admiral Jason, who formerly as a commander on the British Military, gained control of the guild Casa Di Royale. Betraying Pearson, he immediately, after gaining trust that is, deleted the guild and removed every single member. This was NOT a British Operation, he was acting on his own terms. However, once he had deleted the guild, he took refuge among a British Flagship, where 3 other men were discussing the recent events.

The 3 men each had different purposes- One to lead from his head, one to lead from his mouth, and one to deliver the word to the public. As King Breasly looked across the stern at his Prime Minister, a slight smile reached across his face. The Lord Chancellor let out a sigh of relief as they left dock, and the three of them set out to deliver the message that all had been waiting for: The war had indeed ended.

This marks the end of the 5th Paradoxian War. Although neither the Delta nor the Paradox still lives, Pearson had. Announcing his soon death, English officials could only pay their respects in an upcoming funeral to the most notorious, evil, cunning, and brilliant leader in roleplay.

I urge you all to attend the funeral and join us as we pay our respects.

Following the funeral, the outstanding commandants shall be recognzied. Minister Daggersteel and his men have payed us the ultimate sacrifice and have performed extraordinarily. May this coming time of peace be that of reform and rejuvination- that we forget the past, and move on to other issues.

Britain may or may not call a United Nations type meeting with other heads-of-states to discuss issues that need addresssing.

For now, let us enjoy the upcoming holliday, and may God Save the King!

From The Desk of the Lord Chancellor.

All the best, now and forever, MallaceSig6

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