For John Breasly From Henry Bladebane aka Theodore Groves.

Dear John,

I wish to apologise for what i said yesterday evening, I am a bit of a bigmouth at times and would like to apologise and make peace with you, you are a good friend and id hate to lose your friendship. On the subject of Lord Blastshot, I can only say I dont know the full cercumstances and will trust your better judgement from now on, I will of course remain your loyal soldier if youll still have me, as i have always done so. I've also had a cold these last few days and so get a bit grumpy. :P you can understand that! lol, Anyway as long as you and i can make peace maybe we can make this empire and wiki a better place.

I remain yours faithfully

Captain Henry Bladebane

Formerly Theodore Groves

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