Due to recent plots that Pears was involved in and possibly planned. Including the theft of one wrinkled old man along with insulting that old man's beliefs. Not to mention the constant attack of words and finally led to Pears and his Guild "Casa Di Royale" declaring war (Again) on England and it's Allies. No big Surprise. I'm quite frankly tired and I know all of us are of Pears. We thought he was done for. And "Gaius Julius Caesar" was not banned but renamed. These cornered animals attack without fear nor purpose.

Appointing a soon to be Director of the EITC

Due to issues on the Game and Wiki I am appointing Jack Redsilver as a New Director of the EITC. This choice can Change but I am willing to open my arms and my mind to new people and new thoughts. This man is a excellent Warrior and strategic Military Commander.

Concerning a new War.

I know many of you say "NO WAR" We're done but we must fight. We must stop Pears because he is at his final breath after we nearly choked him to death. We just need to finish the job :) So I ask you all! To join me and Sven tomorrow and to TP to Spade, Sven or myself. At 3:00 PM Eastern time Tomorrow for a SVS that must be won!

Final Regards

If you do not want to Fight for King or Country fine. Fight for the cause. Fight for Purpose!

And now my Shakespearean Sonnet about this War

"I will fight them on the Shorelines!

I will fight them in the Caribbean Islands!

I will fight them on the Front lines!

I will fight them in the Scottish Highlands!

I will fight them on the Atlantic Seas!

I will personally fire the cannon and blow their ships to smithereens!

I will even fight them to the Florida Keys!

I will fight those evil Wolverines!

I will never give up Hope!

Because I will never be able to cope!

I shall not fall even if my knees render!

I will stand even when all others have fallen!

I will not dare even think of Surrender!

I shall fight and I shall die solemn!

I shall prove to all my Merit!

Their bullets may fly at me!

But their bullets shall not pierce or shatter my spirit!

And they will all see!

Now I must ask you “Will you?” before I have died!

All will see what WE have done for all and hopefully they shall sigh!'

From the Desk of the Prime Minister,


Latest Victory and screens

Screenshot 2012-04-29 16-56-25
Screenshot 2012-04-29 16-55-15
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