'Ello ladies and germs, Yes it is that time of year people go on vacations and now has come my time. My mother is dragging me to Orlando, Florida because she said she would take me somewhere special this year but it is also for her convenience that she was invited to a CEO Corporate Business whatever meeting on Disney Property -_- BUT I have been given tickets to like everything there... Disney, Universal, Seaworld, etc.... :P ANYWAY... I'm leaving at 4:00 PM Today and will be gone for 2 to 3 weeks TOPS XD BUT I shall be online TWO times a day to make sure the EITC and Britain live on. SO don't claim I'm dead like last year because I most likely won't be on the Wiki but only the game depending on what is going on and the schedule idk what exact times I'll be online. Be good, Don't go wild, spam me randomly, kill eachother, cry, do anything fun XD, CLAIM I'M DEAD AND MAKE A FUNERAL PAGE FOR ME!!!!!! -_- So :P Adieu, Ciao, Auf Wiedersehen, Adios, Khanbiafo, Sowyn, Cheerio, Moce mada, Khairete, Pirmelenge, Viszontlatasra, Ha'uu, Sayonara, Syan byayatn, Ovwa, Zai jian, Achha, Lakamboi, Adjö, Sewa, Hoscakal, Tam biet, Hwyl, Tu heel k'iin, Ngeyavalilisa, AND Goodbye :P P.S.. I'll post a Giant Magic Kingdom/Walt Disney thing for the heck of it XD



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