As of today, Decembery 13th, 1745; The combined forces of The Delta Republic, The English Empire, the Fearless Empire, and The King's Men have rebelled and taken control of England! Co. Black Guard has been placed under the control of Lord Jeremiah Garland! Johnny Goldtimbers has been discharged. The British have grown tired of the tyranny put forth by John Breasly! By Vote, at The Treaty Of Corduba Banquet, The Spanish, Russian, French, and now English governments have voted Macmorgan in as Prime Minister of The British Empire! HUZZAH!!!!! LONG LIVE THE KING IN PROSPERITY!

Additional Changes

  • Eastern Russia, Euro-Asia given back to Spain, and Pearson's family.
  • Western Russia left with Lord Jeremiah Garland.
  • Goldtimbers, and Eric Machawk returned to Spain.
  • John Breasly exiled from England.
  • The Co. Black Guard all exiled from England.
  • The English Empire declared the official guild of England, and The EITC.
  • The Delta Republic declared the officla guild of Spain, and The E.S.T.C.
  • Lord Maxamillion & Lord Admiral Sven Daggersteel are still beast....
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