Johnny "Shark" Turner

aka Johnny

  • I live in The Barbary Coast
  • I was born on March 9
  • My occupation is King of Barbary by day, notorious rouge-pirate by night
  • I am your worst fear
  • Johnny "Shark" Turner

    Hello all people interested in royalty:

    I wish to state that the Algiers are open to any French Privateer, because I wish to take territory that everyone has attempted to take, but no one has done so successfully. Barbarie, or what I'm going to call it, the Barbary Republic. If anyone can take it, I can. It's known to be infested with pirates and anarchy, and if anyone can take, it's a more notorious pirate. I attempt to claim Barbarie in the name of all kings against Sir Carlos Clemente. Once my African pirate militia grows to a true military, I will go for Pearson. The barrel of my gun should be in the face of the Fruit, and he should be drying in agony.

    Johnny "Shark" Turner 21:58, January 20, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Johnny "Shark" Turner

    I looked at the Royalty page, and realized there was no one who claimed the large country of Algeria. Well, before anyone else claims it, I would like to express that I will be claiming it, and I'll make the page ASAP. As the Milita grows, I will hope to declare war on Spain and help out Britain. With forces coming from the north and south, Spain will be under siege. The country will be a monarchy, but I'll loosen the grip of my leadership, so it will have the pirates persona of freedom. I am as of now, I'm hiring warlords, royal advisors, and a second-in-command chancellor. There are also other leaders like secret service.

    Johnny "Shark" Turner 05:28, January 17, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Johnny "Shark" Turner

    Look, people have discriminated pirates, especially INFERNO, but I'm here to help. England and Spain are both my allies, but Spain's leader is simply not. The thing is, Pearson is the leader, and his people blindly follow him. All we have to do is make his people want to walk the other direction and overrun Pearson. With all due respect, King John has done some bad things to drive England into this war, but Pearson did most of the bad deeds. He ticked some of us off and made us fight back and dug us into the hole we're in. Now all we have to do is dig ourselves out.

    1. IGNORE PEARS AND HIS PEOPLE - he will get weaker, and DO NOT accept any pvp or svs invites. Every time they bad mouth you, ignore ignore ignore.
    2. Pretend there is no war - guild w…
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