Johnny "Shark" Turner

aka Johnny

  • I live in The Barbary Coast
  • I was born on March 9
  • My occupation is King of Barbary by day, notorious rouge-pirate by night
  • I am your worst fear
  • Johnny "Shark" Turner

    "Jonathan Ronaldo Turner and his army waited for the Rebellion to invade, but there was no response"

    I've been waiting for a while for this so called Rebellion to have the guts to invade, but I guess they're just not brave enough. By sunset, I hope to see the Rebellion's forces knock on my door (not literally). Mr. Daggerstealer, comment on this blog and tell me where to meet you to battle, because you're definitely not where I am. My blockade is ready.

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  • Johnny "Shark" Turner

    I thought this war was just a foolish argument like that other one that we all know of that lasted for the last two years, but this war might involve a little "fun" rather than argument. On behalf of Barbary, I officially pronounce the involvment of Barbary with the war. I've heard people say that Barbary is an army of "5 people", but we represent a portion of four guilds with at least 300 people, including Outlaws. England, if you can handle it you may join in, but I understand you've got more important things to deal with.

    To all other unions, I urge you to help Barbary and the first military to help us out in the war. This war will have less arguments than the one against Spain because we're fighting someone from our own Wiki, Matt the G…

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  • Johnny "Shark" Turner

    Ok, I've finally achieved level 50 notoriety on this character. This makes 4 characters that are mastered. To celebrate, all fellow OUTLAWS members, other pirates, fellow British and EITCs, Spaniards, and any others are invited. Just comment if you'd like to come and I'll put you on the invite list.

    • Time: 6:00 P.M. EST
    • Day: Sunday, February 19th
    • Place: Ratskellar
    • Server: Kokoros
    • Events: material hunting, looting, possibly SVS or PVP

    • Johnny "Shark" Turner - Host
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  • Johnny "Shark" Turner

    Ok, I had like 4 hours of Calculous homework and I came back to see this page, Actions to be Taken. I guess the "tyrant" (not actually a tyrant, just quoting from what Hippie said.) predicted this. He said the peace meeting was canceled. Anyone know about this? I want peace, but we can beat them again while they make excuses and say they won. Every time we win (which isn't every time, but half the time), Spain says that THEY won. Why can't we just have a simple guild war where people aren't too scared to accept defeat? This is a close war so far, but Spain is trying to make it look like they pretty much won it. No one "pretty much won it", this could be anyone's war. This is why I want peace.

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  • Johnny "Shark" Turner

    Ok guys, what we did is we had a one on one svs game with me, Mallace, a friend from Outlaws, and this guy named James (I think that was his name xD) and we played against Pears and some of his people in SVS. It's not a battle, just a friendly game. This is something we should do to test out army's skills before the cease fire ends I think. It's like the NFL Pre-season. I know we don't want the war to keep going, but just because we're having a war doesn't mean we have to insult each other! This svs game was fun and had no drama. I think we should do this more often, anyone agree, disagree?

    1. Johnny "Shark" Turner
    2. Sharple
    3. Sven Daggersteel

    1. Lord Caddius Bane
    2. Pencil Boy
    3. Captain Hobo
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