Johnny "Shark" Turner

aka Johnny

  • I live in The Barbary Coast
  • I was born on March 9
  • My occupation is King of Barbary by day, notorious rouge-pirate by night
  • I am your worst fear
  • Johnny "Shark" Turner

    Dear Pearson Wright,

    Since your nation has lost the war, you'll obviously act like you're still the king. I believe there should be some ceremony or something for the coronation of Cadet, or whoever is going to be the new king. Well, anyway, the war is over and your army seems to be very "butthurt" (Too scared to accept defeat). Well, that will be changed because they will no longer be following a tyrant like you. It will be reformed by England, and hopefully a less evil king will take over. I wonder what they'll do to you, probably execution, but we'll see.

    Of course, even after reading this, your butt will remain hurt. It was obvious that we won too, whether it was your ship attacking or not, YOU LOST. Chill out, my friend.

    To the winning A…

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  • Johnny "Shark" Turner

    After John, Jarod, and I contacted Wikia about Pearson's abusive attitude, his wiki has been destroyed and with that, I'm pretty sure he's been globally banned. Despite that, I hope Pears isn't the only one with a global ban. Samuel Ironshot, Carlos la Verde Sanita, and Pear's sock puppet, King Phillipe II have also been abusive and banned me for wrongful reasons from their wiki. I would like to thank the Wikia team for your help, but I apologize for bombarding you with emails because 3 of us complained about one person. Well, the important thing is you got the message.

    Pears, if you're reading this, you got what was coming to you. There are kids on these wikis, yet you approve of people promoting nazism, cussing, and trolling. To King Clem…

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  • Johnny "Shark" Turner


    March 4, 2012 by Johnny "Shark" Turner

    Last night I was verbally abused, threatened, and given Pearson and Carlo's city and age (they're both younger than 18, making it against the wikia rules). I reported them to the VSTF wiki, but they continue to harass me and ban me for not cussing at all despite the fact they cussed in every sentence. I will never go to that hell-hole of a wiki again.

    On the brighter side, Pearson will likely be permanently globally banned. This is because he was warned a few weeks ago and given a temporary global ban. One thing I regret is reporting Samel Ironshot, and Carlos. Also, our own ally, William Sharkskull was insulting me. He was basically backing up Pears and the other 2 people teaming up on me, even though he denied it. They also made an extrem…

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  • Johnny "Shark" Turner

    If this role-play stuff was real, Pearson Wright would be close to stooping to the Hitler level. He believes Spanish is the superior race and everyone else is inferior even though he is Russian on the most part.

    Ned, to be honest, you're walking into your own death joining Spain. Hell, you're not even SPANISH yet you want to join THOSE DEVILS.

    To Spain, you're also walking into your own death. Remember when England beat you? Now we have even more help! The Complex, El Legendary, and Spade are now on our side. Goodbye, Spain. You heartless monsters exiled me, now you're going to pay.

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  • Johnny "Shark" Turner

    "You can run, but you can't hide" - Jonathan Ronaldo Turner

    Just minutes after England claimed victory, another enemy arose. That was the Caribbean Rebellion lead by Jack Daggerstealer, and their ship was a disappointment the Scalet Rebel, Light Brig. The ship ran for a while and many Outlaws concluded that they were retreating, but Jarod Pillagebane and Johnathan Turner didn't give up. After landing huge cannonfire onto the Rebel, The Outlaws King rammed into the Scarlet Rebel and simply ended it.

    After their victory, parts of the British army also helped to attack Spaniards and other pirates defending the rebellion. One ship defending the Rebellion was on top of the leaderboards, but was later beat by Sven Daggersteel and his interceptor.

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