Ok, I don't want any drama or trolling on this page. I simply made this page to express victory for England and all of the other nations over Spain in the Delta war. Can you believe it? It's finally over. Spain can continue their denial as we reform their gigantic Empire that we overcame. I have made a list for each hero that has contributed greatly to this war.

  • King John Breasly - for ruling the primary nation that managed to pull of such a victory, you're truely an excellent monarch.
  • Jeremiah Garland - ruler of Russia, a country that put forth very much effort into dominating the "Spanish Armada".
  • Jack Swordwrecker - though I may not know you very well, I congratulate you for leading the newly reformed country and contributing in the final battle greatly.
  • Jarod Pillagebane - one of the best GMs I've ever had, and maneuvered the Outlaw King through battles perfectly.
  • Mikhail Volkov - with Jeremiah Garland at your side, you help rule one of the greatest nations to occupy land.
  • James Warhawk - you helped lead the independent pirate nations to contribute to our victory very well.
  • Lord Andrew Mallace - though you weren't a hero in the final battle, you've contributed in previous battles aboard the Riptide Demon.
  • Spade - I may not know you well, but you're the best damn svser Britain has. We're extremely lucky to have you.
  • Sven Daggersteel - Alongside Spade, you two make a deadly combination, John Breasly was smart to give you such a high rank.
  • Bill Plunderbones Tew - another strong pirate these nations are lucky to have.
  • Johnny Coaleasten - I didn't see you during the final battle, but you've been a great lord in your career leading us to battle.
  • All of OUTLAWS - we did it. You guys participated in battle and whoever go onboard the Outlaw King will never be forgotten!
  • Christopher Bladeswine - you opposed what your guild was doing yet still made a great impact on the final battle, hats off to my old Inferno friend, Chris.
  • The rest of you - if I didn't include you and you contributed to the war, congratulate yourself on the contributions you gave to these nations.

The war is over, Pears no longer rules Spain. Next order of business: bring back the old days of the Co. Empire :)

Battle2 3-25-12
Battle1 3-25-12
Screen shot 2012-03-25 at 12.51.39 PM

The Final Score.

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