Although talk of the subject has decreased recently, I want to talk about the "war talk" with INFERNO and it's alliance. Since they've created their own "Brethren Court", opposing to the official one, and you know how much INFERNO has angered us, I believe we should fight back. Despite this, Barbary's army which lies in Outlaws and a small part of Mcraging, will go where ever England goes. We shall act as a shadow to them, but I recommend fighting them. Just to show these swine that they aren't actual pirates, just "posers", I propose that we dub them "anti-pirates".

Also as a reminder to anyone who doesn't know, they declared war on us. I think it would be common sense to fight back and send a couple little fleets their direction. Pearson, this is the first time I've EVER fought on your side. Back in the Co. days, I was and independent pirate, and then when you fought England, I was with them. Despite our differences and arguments, if you're reading this, it will be a pleasure working with you. Nonetheless, Madster, I believe, is still Queen of Spain.

Johnny "Shark" Turner 03:08, April 5, 2012 (UTC)

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