I've been thinking of a role-play idea that would for certain, eliminate all role-play drama. It's not exactly island role-play, but it's sort of close. Here are the guidelines:

  • The only nations there will be, will be Britain, Spain, France, and Pirates (and possibly undead for people who are willing). This will encourage each side to have MANY more recruits, also this will appeal to more people who play the game, and originally aren't interested in RP. 
  • With the rule above, each side will have an estimated 2-5 guilds, making battles larger.
  • There will be no conquering land as a result of winning battles.
  • This way, we could have battles every day, knowing that we're not risking any land, making it much more fun.

I'll add some more guidelines, but this is all I have at the moment. Remember, it's not anything we'll jump right into, it's just an idea for future reference if the drama really begins to escalate. 

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