Johnathan Warsmythe pertains to role-play.

To all British leaders of Parlament.

As everyone knows, the British Parlament is on trial is on the trial of the Formal Lord Marshal, Samuel Harrington. We must persuade the British Parlament to do what is right. The EITC and Royal Navy are on the brink of civil war because of Samuel. His Majesty, King John Breasly, has been to merciful on Samuel and now I believe the time has come for it to stop. Samuel, Im sorry to say this, but I believe you need to be exiled from British Activity, or something of less. More like just be exiled from any British Army. The EITC has seen enough of what you have caused between the civil wars. You may have won them, and we know that Leon caused them, but you had to let your anger out and let about 3 - 5 civil wars happen just within the EITC. Now, there is about to be one between the Royal Navy and EITC. I believe I speak for most of us and we want you out. With all due respect.

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