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Have you ever noticed we always have the same users on the wiki? I'd like to see some new faces, and I'm sure you would too. Make an effort to get out there and start recruiting users, for the good of the wiki! As our Public Enemy #1 has said, the wiki will be dead in December. Overstatement, but he is to some degree, correct. We need members, if we want to stay alive and bring this wiki back to the mouths of the players in-game.

How to do so?

  1. Advertise - Go to Abassa or some sort and say 'Visit the Pirates Online Players Wiki! We are a fan site with good admins, and we always love to share our site!' (note, that's for the Speedchat Users).
  2. Tell a friend - Have a friend you want on the wiki? Don't be shy; tell them! They may tell their friends!
  3. Recruiting - Go privateering, or cave raiding, or some sort. Afterwards, complement them and invite them here!

Remember, web addresses do not appear in the in-game chat.

Please recruit, for the good of the wiki! I myself have been sending messages to inactive users, welcoming them to come back.

John Breasly, Admin of FAOTW @admins sig-sign

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