Hello there. It's me Jim "The Vital Element" Logan, and I am here to send a shoutout message to all the people who are flipping out about SvS/PvP/Wars/WHAtEVER.

The the PVP'ers

Ok, to Par and Marc and whoever just has PvP's to have fun, GREAT JOB, you are doing what games are intended to be . . FUN!

To the people who have PvP's to have Wars, SHAME ON YOU, PvP's are meant to be fun, to see who can weild a sword or a gun better, not to be "I DECALRE WAR" then go "PvP?" "Ya PvP" Then fight, then lose, then when someone posts the freaken results you go and cry about how they cheated, or how it was modded, just shut up and deal with a loss.

To the SvS'ers(?)

Same with the PvP, those who are using the SvS's to have fun and hang out, to see who's the best with sailing, GREAT JOB, you're doing what you're suppose to.

To the people like "spain" and "England"(I am sorry but I have to)

WHEN YOU DECLARE A WAR, THEN GO INTO an SvS if you lose, YOU LOSE don't be a god damn cry baby about it and say "It was modded" or Th 1sm024cry they cheated or Th 1sm024cry they had more people come on. Or this is the best one Th 1sm024cry war is too hard, they are beating us, they need to stop!

To the people who come on here and just brag how you won ONE SvS thing, just please STOP it gets so GOD DAMN annoying when you guys just go around and say "We beat you the other day HA HA HA" Seriously, it get's annoying real fast, and point is, NO ONE GIVES A CRAP!
Bryan3 YES! YES! YES!

To the War Mongels

Ok, the people who just get (mocking sigh) SOOOOO bored[end mocking sigh] and just have to declare war or you die of bordum. just stop, go outside, throw a frisby, go play some FOOTBALL! or you know, be a couch potato and watch TV, or PLAY SOME OTHER VIDEO GAMES, you don't need to declare war every 20 seconds because you're bored, or you CRAVE attention, ok guys it's a GAME, games get old, games get boring, if they get boring, play something else for a while then come back to this one!
Zombie22 Stop Fighting, Or get shot!

Lazy Version


Point being

The point is, IT'S JUST A GAME, NONE OF THIS WILL MATTER IN 1 year, 2 years, 4 years, 10 years? THe game will probably be gone in 2 years. Get up, take a break from the game and just LIVE LIFE MAN!(Or woman)

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