Main Reasons/Rumors

  1. The Krakken
  2. Davy Jones(NOT confirmed, only a rumor, spread around by random fans)
  3. The Brig
  4. SOTL
  5. Buying/Creating a house(Mainly rumor) In my opinion would kinda fail cause our houses would be invaded all the time, and combine Pirates + Houses = Burnes, destructions and worst of all lags
  6. The Black Pearl outside the Treasure Mission(Mainly Rumor)
  7. Letting Players have islands to their very own(JUST A RUMOR, I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH, JUSTA RUMOR)
  8. Captain Cabins, and expandable decks for ships.
  9. Being able to capture ships (e.g EITC Ships or other player's ships)
  10. Conquer islands.
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