This just in. At approximately 4:20, P.M. (EST), on August 8, 1744, Lord Jeremiah Garland got out of retirement and is back in the EITC. Garland retired from life as an EITC lord about a month ago, to raise his own guild, the Royal Union. However, following Captain Leon's exile from the EITC, Lord Jeremiah Garland has returned and has been appointed fourth-in-command of the EITC by Lord Marshal Samuel Redbeard himself. Richard Hookskull is still second-in-command, and Johnny Goldtimbers is third-in-command. Garland will remain in the Royal Union, but there is potential that the Royal Union may become a partial (maybe even entirely) EITC guild. Garland must consult this fact with his fellow Co. Guildmaster, Captain Josh.

Lord Jeremiah Garland

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