BNO Yes! The Boyz Night Out! We finally have our own band! From the nastiest neo-death metal to the softest, most slippery Mongolian jazz, you'll be sure to find the music that fits you at the BNO's newest music spot! Time to BNO!

The Band

The Four Guys

Andrew "Dirty Boy" Mallace - Vocals, bagpipes, bassoon, lute

Jeremiah "Captain Naughty" Garland - Backing vocals, Catholic organ, sitar, dirty spoons

John "Dirty Dan" Breasly - Backing vocals, trombone, mandolin, electric violin, dobro

Davy "Magic Hooky" Hookwrecker - All the African instruments

Back-Up Band

Boogie "Oogie Boogie" Mango - In charge of the slave pit, throws feminine products at the crowd during rallies

Parax "The Wise One" - Lead ocarina player, sound effects

First Full Length Album



Side A: "Call Me Davy"

Side B: "Writeous Word"

All songs written by Jack Pistol*

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