This is the most ridiculously horrifying, sad, thing ive ever talked about. As all of you may know, Bella, aka Elizabeth O'Malley, had a tragic accident happen to her family recently. Pretty much her whole family has died, and its just... I cant even imagine the pain Liz is going through right now. Right now, lets just stop the fighting, lets just shut up for the rest of the week. The purpose of this blog, not only is to inform you of the horriying accident that occured, but to let you know this is SERIOUS. LEAVE HER AND PEARS ALONE. After watching this, and hearing the story, and all the other things everyone says, im just stunned that such an event could occur like this, so quickly. I dont even know what to say, I want to shut off my computer and sit in a corner. It angers me so much that someone can kick someone down even when things are as tough as they are now, its frickin ridiculous. This is an extreamly devestating time for her and pearson right now. Like, this is REAL. This actually happened! Just, for the love of God, LEAVE THEM ALONE! I cannot stress enough about how real this is, and that how hard that Bella is going through. I realize it seems as though that its weird that she still plays this game, even after a horrible occasion like this, but you have to understand that this is her only contact to Pearson. Pearson is doing all he can to help her through this, so I ask all of you to send your regards to her. If i was on the Casadiroyale wiki i would probably be spamming cuss words at people who are laughing, but since this wiki doesnt allow such a thing to happen, I am limited to crude words, so.. i guess, Damn all of you people laughing at this. How would you like it if your entire family deceased at a moments notice? Screw it, goodbye.

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