Well, i log on and one of my greatest allies to me, ever, has left the game. Boy, me and Ned sure had some times. Im gonna miss that guy.

He was one of my first friends on POTCO. We tackled the EITC alot back in the day, and while i realize it is sad to see him go, i saw it coming. He has told me before he has considered it, and I believed him, i am considering leaving it too.

Me, him, Rem Rem, and Captain Johnny were all in a group back in the day. Those 3 other guys were amazing. Captain johnny left, Remy is sorta inactive, and Ned is gone :P. So im left.

This blog is kinda pointless, but idk, Ned is like in my top 4 of greatest allies ever in the game, so, this is kind of hard to write about. Wow, im going to miss Nedgewalker alot.

Cya man, i hope everything goes well for ya

-Jeffrey B

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