Hey there, this is my non-biased list of who I believe to be the most significant RP'ers in POTCO history. Please keep in mind this is my opinion and I am in every way open to lobying in the comments. This list is not complete.

What would really help is if you make your top 25 lists on the bottom and I'll change my list according to the ones in comments, since all im going off of recent memory of people who have made an impact in the game since i joined, in 2007.

no this is not a desperate effort to get an active page

(yes it is) 

-Jeffrey Blasthawk

  1. Pearson Wright
  2. Francis Bluehawk
  3. Captain Leon
  4. Johnny Goldtimbers
  5. John Breasly
  6. Benjamin Macmorgan
  7. Samuel Redbeard-Harrington
  8. Grade Redskull
  9. Sven Daggersteel
  10. Hippie
  11. Jeremiah Garland
  12. Andrew Mallace
  13. Cad Bane
  14. Stormwalker
  15. Cadet
  16. DanDanDragon(Ben Squidskull)
  17. Hector Wildhayes
  18. Madster
  19. Maxilimillion
  20. Captain Kwager
  21. Albert Spark
  22. Edgar Wildratte
  23. Usman
  24. Jack Swordmenace
  25. Jack Pistol
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