K well a couple days ago i got banned from chat for a week. At first I was screaming my head off inside, and then i saw something about the seven seas court about it, and how i told Jim Logan to suck Big Suculent Ass. I was "flabbergasted" and wondered why i was banned, seeing as though it was not against the rules, and blah blah blah. Well i was being rude.

Now, i bet you are thinking i am going to rant about how terrible the admins are. Well, im not.

After reading Jeremiah Garlands blog, i realised that if he can calm down his streak of being hotheaded(which is no offense to him) so can i.

So, im also turning over a new leaf. I dont want to really make a big deal about this, but i am telling you im not gonna randomly cuss at you now in chat, i wont spam as much(yes, as much) and i will try to not get banned as much.

I apologize to anyone ive hurt on chat, and in comments(which i can no longer do, comment on pages, my pc sucks or something idk) Im especially sorry to the admins who i know i have given alot of stress to in the past.


-Jeffrey B

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