i'll return when potco closes(a few weeks) so i see u then... bye.

-Jeffrey Blasthawk, August 17th

Well here we are, 2 weeks removed from the closing of a great game. I could say alot about how im not pissed about it, and that im not gonna give a damn about it closing,

But in reality, i do. We all do.

The exact day it happened, my mom checked her E-Mail on her phone and said: "I got an E-Mail from Pirates".(when i made the account it was on her Email Adress) I sware on everything that is holy, i immediately said, "Is it closing". Obviously, i was correct, and went online to check out the details.

I hid my emotions for several days until i started seeing all these heart felt blogs on the wiki, watching Goodbye Potco videos on youtube, until i finally realized how this affected me.

I have been playing POTCO since it opened. A game that has probably affected my life more than i'd like to admit.

Its funny though, because i knew it was going to close any time now, and when it did, I wasnt shocked, but I was caught off guard. We all were, i assume.

So now we are here, trying to find an excuse to stick around. Even though none of us even gone on the game anyway,(Talking to you Breasly) we still stuck around like it was a big deal. Ive seen this wiki go through alot worse than the game closing though to be honest, and im sure most of the older users on this wiki can say the same(Me and Jim Logan joined around the same time)

But whatever, i just decided as if there werent enough blogs out there right now anyway, i would write one just for giggles.

So, with all of my fights with the admins(specifically Parax((and WAY before him, Stphen)), and even 90% of the users on this wiki, i still wouldnt trade my memories on this game for anything.

With that, i have decided to kill myself decided to stick around this wiki just to give something for the admins to fight or to ban, so they can feel like were active.

People, stop leaving

plz, for me?


-Da Spamma, Jeffrey Blasthawk

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