I decided to go back on my yearly nostalgia trip back to this website and I cannot believe it is still active and people are still editing and such. About a year ago or so, I got banned from the chat when I came back for an hour or so, likely due to spamming swastikas or someting, idk. I would ask for a 2nd chance, but I've been blocked from the chat at least 4 times in the past 6 years, so I'm not even gonna bother barking up that tree. Anyway, I've done alot of growing up, and going back and looking at some of the stuff I wrote/said, makes me cringe. I can't believe half the stuff I let people see me do. Anyway, if and when that new POTCO game comes out, I'll consider being more active on here in whatever facet I feel like participating in. 

The reason I created this is hopefully someone could answer some questions for me in the comments.

1: Will this Wikia be participating in anything regarding the new POTCO game?

2: Do any of you harbor any ill will towards me, currently?

3: If yes, message me so we can work it out.

That's actually about it, but if someone could let me know any important developments that have happened over the last year or so that I have not been made aware of, that would be great. 

If I'm still ostracized from this community, then I'm sorry you had to see my username pop up. 


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