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The side of Support won in the vote!


After a dramatic turn of events, with many people leaving and such, the administrative team feels that more chat moderators are needed due to the recent leave of one of our best users, Sharple.

That being said, I, under the approval of my fellow admins, being the Admin if Community Promotion, nominate Davy Hookwrecker for rollback and chat moderator abilities. I have seen a new side of Davy that is far more mature, a great coder, and someone who loves to help people with issues—all making him a potentially great chat moderator.

He. . .

•Is extremely active on chat.

•Is experienced and has been here since 2010.

•Moderates chat well, I have watched.

•Is very responsible as of late.

•Knows how to get users to behave.

•Uses correct grammar (now xD) which sets a good example for the wiki.

•Helps other uses learn Wikia coding.

•Is trusted by myself and others to watch chat while we are away.

•Does not instigate fights.

•Is respected by the community as a good user.

•Knows how to joke around while, at the same, be serious and moderate chat (which reminds me of Parax). :P

In conclusion, Davy has definitely earned this promotion. Good luck, Davy, and the administrative team congratulates you on your possible promotion.


  1. Jarod Pillagebane
  2. John Breasly
  3. Captaingoldvane2
  4. Johnny "Shark" Turner
  5. Katbluedog
  6. Stpehen
  7. Parax
  8. GenLawrence
  9. Lord Caddius Bane
  10. Robert McRoberts
  11. Eric The Flamable
  12. Davy Gunfish
  13. Gibbsgirl11
  14. Jeremiah Garland
  15. Bad Kitty
  16. David Mcmartin
  17. Lord Andrew Mallace
  18. Jason Shiprat
  19. Bill2222
  20. Marc Cannonshot


  1. Lord Matthew Blastshot
  2. AlbertSpark
  3. Jack Pistol


  1. HermesDude

To Conclude

In the last few days, Davy has become a mature and responsible user—and a great friend that I can joke around with in PM but still trust to moderate chat while I am away. Good luck Davy and, if this passes, congratulations!


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