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The Chat page has been slightly revamped.

All rules that were not previously there have now been added. It also clearly states that all relevant Wiki Rules apply in chat. This is so that nobody can say they did not know any rules.

A section for Chat Moderators has been added. There is a short guide on how to deal properly with rule breakers and a link to a blog on community central on good practices for Mods, which is a good idea to read for Non-Mods as well.

There is a Strike Records section that is linked to update from Strikes. Chat Mods will update this every time a strike is given to keep organization.

The blocking guidelines, which LeClerc Sharpe and I proposed a while ago ( the vote passed ), now have a section. Please note that sometimes offenses vary and you won't always get the same block time as in the guidelines but you will get a similar time.

Please look through the new page and make not of all the rules. They have always been enforced but are now being listed to. I am making this blog so that people do know.

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