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    May 22, 2012 by HermesDude

    As most of you should know by now, I'm the idiot that changed his username to something horrible >.< But no more of that! For I have found a way to gain back my old username! You see, when I first joined this wiki, it in fact was NOT on this account... But on another, User:Jim Fireflint. I figure that I can change the username on it to Jason Yelloweagle, and then have this account banned. And instead of what some people here think, I shall NOT be joining chat again until I have 121 edits, thus earning 100 edits fairly. And also, just to prove to some people that it is easy to get 100 edits quickly, I SHALL make 100 edits in good faith without cheating. Well, that's all, and to the admins, I'll message one of you when you can ban this accou…

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  • HermesDude

    The Avengers

    May 11, 2012 by HermesDude

    This is like The Hunger Games, instead of the movie I figured I'd use all of the ones in the comic books since there would be more to choose from.

    • Iron Man ~ Jason
    • Thor ~ Open
    • Ant-Man ~ Open
    • The Wasp ~ Open
    • Hulk ~ Open
    • Captain America ~ Open
    • Hawkeye ~ Open
    • Quicksilver ~ Open
    • Scarlet Witch ~ Open
    • Swordsman ~ Open
    • Hercules ~ Open
    • Black Panther ~ Open
    • Vision ~ Open
    • Black Knight ~ Open
    • Black Widow ~ Open
    • Mantis ~ Open
    • Beast ~ Open
    • Moondragon ~ Open
    • Hellcat ~ Open
    • Two-Gun Kid ~ Open
    • Wonder Man ~ Open
    • Ms. Marvel ~ Open
    • Falcon ~ Open
    • Tigra ~ Open
    • She-Hulk ~ Open
    • Captain Marvel ~ Open
    • Starfox ~ Open
    • Namor ~ Open
    • Doctor Druid ~ Open
    • Mockingbird ~ Open
    • War Machine ~ Open
    • Thing ~ Open
    • Moon Knight ~ Open
    • Firebird ~ Open
    • Demolition Man ~ Open
    • Forgotten One ~ Open
    • Mister Fantastic ~ Open
    • In…

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  • HermesDude

    The Hunger Games

    May 11, 2012 by HermesDude

    Ok, so I got this idea from another wiki. You see, they give a whole list of characters from a different movie or book, and then people choose who they want to be. It's really quite fun :P So anyway, I decided to start it all off we might as well do something that seems to be popular here, The Hunger Games! So everyone have a good time choosing who you want to be, and "May the odds be ever in your favor" :P

    • Katniss Everdeen ~ Open
    • Peeta Mellark ~ Open
    • Cinna ~ Open
    • Rue ~ Open
    • Cato ~ Open
    • Clove ~ Open
    • Foxface ~ Open
    • Thresh ~ Open
    • Glimmer ~ Open
    • Marvel ~ Open
    • Effie Trinket ~ Open
    • Haymitch Abernathy ~ Jason
    • Gale Hawthorne ~ Open
    • Primrose Everdeen ~ Open
    • Madge Undersee ~ Open
    • President Coriolanus Snow ~ Open
    • Finnick Odair ~ Open
    • Mags ~ Open
    • Johanna Mason ~ Open
    • Be…

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  • HermesDude

    If you do not know, a week or two ago, Keira and Zeke broke up because Keira found out he was a brat. Today, I have proposed to Keira, and she has said yes (Yay!). The wedding will be tomorrow at 7 PM EST, 6 PM CST, 5 PM MST, and 4 PM PST, or earlier if we need it to be.

    Name Placement Type
    Albert Front Preacher
    Kitty Behind Keira Maid of Honor
    Jarod First row Photographer
    Tyler Crossbones Second row Guest
    Sven Second row Guest
    Johnny Second row Guest

    Name Reason
    Davy Drama maker

    If anyone causes drama, Keira shall leave and probably kill that person later

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  • HermesDude

    Guess what's today?

    April 30, 2012 by HermesDude

    Today is a VERY big and special day for me, and I've decided I want you all to try and guess. Because you're probably all gonna get it wrong (:P). Good luck, and if you can get it right I'll.... Give you a personalized signature or something :P

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