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Please do not make anymore blogs about Pearson's defeat. Due to the amount of drama, I request no user will make one, or it will be deleted and the user warned. If a fight that take place on another one of those blogs, the blog's comments will be closed.

"People treat Pears like the ultimate enemy. Stop making the whole activity full of "PEARS PEAR PEARSON OMG OMG IT'S A TRICK etc etc etc etc etc". Edit actual useful pages, not stupid Pearson blogs! I am tired of this pitiful excuse for a good activity filled up with Pears stuff. Every single comment I see is about pearson wright doing something. You all say not to feed the trolls, yet the majority of all pages or blogs now mention or are entirely about him! You all want him to stop coming here so you can have a better Wiki, but truthfully alot of users just make Pears blogs and nothing else. If you truly want a better WIki, you will ignore this bully and edit your stories and pages. I am sick and tired of this Pearson Wright-filled activity! It's no use having a "Pears drama" Wiki. Pearson Wright is currently NOT causing drama at all! It's all of these blogs about him and people fighting over whether he should be here or not. 1: He's not coming back, get over it. 2: If you don't like him then stop making blogs about him. 3: Edit your pages and stories. That's what makes this Wiki a good Wiki, the pages, not the Pears Blogs. I'm sorry for ranting but it's so crazy that alot of people have nothing to do except make loads of blogs about a simple bully who almost everyone dislikes. You are probably going to say I was rude in this rant, and I do apologize, but this has got to stop. There's completely ZERO reasons to make this much drama about 1 single user! This Wiki is about fan creations, not roleplay blogs, and not blogs about bullies. If you have to complain about Pearson then do it on a microsoft word document, not here. if your going to make a blog make a blog that can create fun for other users, not just make people angry! Ok, done with my rant now xD"
— Captain Goldvane, Admin

Note: This is a request, so it is not official yet.


  1. GenLawrence
  2. Bill2222
  3. Pencil-
  4. Jim Logan
  5. Stpehen
  6. Katbluedog
  7. Jeremiah Garland
  8. Captaingoldvane2
  9. Marc Cannonshot
  10. Johnny "Shark" Turner
  11. Lord Maxillion Phillip Beckett
  12. Sharple
  13. Tama63
  14. JasonBlade
  15. KellyStormEagle
  16. Captain Crimson
  17. YaxleyCola
  18. Lord Andrew Mallace
  19. Boogiemango
  20. HermesDude (Jason Yelloweagle)


  1. Lord Jack Goldwrecker
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