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I believe it is time for the admins to become admins again. We admins have had a hard time actually doing the jobs we were promoted to do. If we ban someone for sockpuppeting, we get yelled at. If we uphold a rule, we get yelled at and called "corrupt." I say we admins need to be less lenient. We need to control what happens more, instead of just having one vote on a blog that could possible affect everything on the wiki.

Here is my in detail explanation: If the unban request is being made by a friend/seedling of the person that just wants them to be unbanned, that's biased on the unbann blogger's part. Also, this community already has TOO MUCH say in what happens to the wikia. Quote from Jack Goldwrecker: "The Admins' powers are getting to there head." It's actually the users that are getting power hungry. We admins have been trying to keep order, and we seem to be punished, yelled at, or receive a demotion blog in spite of trying to do our JOBS. You say we are corrupt, power hungry, biased. I say we are doing our jobs to protect this wiki and keep it running smoothly, and that means making sure that people who have repeated trolled, vandalized, ban dodged, and globally blocked by Wikai Staff do NOT come back, then so be it. It's not like we WANT to block someone, we don't get enjoyment from it, quite the opposite. But we know that it must be done for the good of the wiki and this community.

Lazy Section

The admins to to step up and become less lenient and do our jobs without fear of being punished.

Thank you, and have a nice day.

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