aka Tyler Lovejoy

  • I live in Somewhere, depends if you're talking about a game of real life.
  • I was born on October 25
  • My occupation is Graphic Designer, 3D Modeler, Animator
  • I am Male
  • GenLawrence

    To some of you, this may come as a shock, to some this may sadden you, to a lot apparently (noting the Seven Seas Court Request) this will come as a big "ABOUT TIME!". But, I am officially resigning from being an administration and probably also quitting the wiki as well. I have has a long run, it's been fun, but there are many reasons why I have decided to do this.:


    School has gotten back in session for me, and I first thought that it might motivate me to be more active on the wiki (Counter-intuitive, right?), and that did happen, but what I was not expect was how busy I would be. On Monday and Wednesday nights, I have a night class for which I leave at 5:30 and at maximum I don't get home until about 9:30. This also does not count …

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  • GenLawrence

    A, what fun...

    August 7, 2013 by GenLawrence
    Hey guys! I just wanted to let you guys know what is going on with me, both in plans and in actual events:


    My main plan is to try to come on here at least once a day until I retire. Yes, I will retire at some point. The time I do that is still being considered, but at this point, I will retire, but not yet. I may or may not do things when I come in, but I will come in, look at recent activity, see what's up, and decide if anything needs me or if it's already resolved by its self or another admin.


    School is starting soon... as in within 2 hours of writing this. That kind of hinders the plan above a bit, so I will probably either be on in the early morning or later in the afternoon.

    Anyways guys, I'm sorry that I haven't been…

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  • GenLawrence

    Hello wikians! Quite a while ago, Marc Cannonshot had created a picture that was going to be used when Halloween time came around. Sadly, if was left to die on the drawing board, but thanks to Dent coming up with a new standard background picture, the Halloween picture was brought back up. The main problem with it was that the file size was not compatible with wikia's theme designer. I have worked for a little while on my private wikia, and I think I've gotten something that works.

    What do you guys think? Shall we go ahead with it over here when Halloween comes around, shall we test it over here for a while first, or completely forget about it?
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  • GenLawrence

    This is kind of an interesting blog. This will be updating an older blog, as well as telling my plans for the nearing future.

    First, some of you may remember back about a year ago, I created a blog about a "server" that I would be starting, that was to create my own version of Disneyland. Well, that server never took off (clearly. Plus, I was a noob at running a server at the time, so...). Well, I had one fully built thing: The Haunted Mansion. I was also starting to build Pirates of the Caribbean. Here is the only remaining image of the map:

    Well, if you have been following my YouTube channel, you will be seeing that I have been building the New Orleans Square Attractions. Here are the photos for those of you who have not seen.

    Pretty intere…

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  • GenLawrence

    Quick Message

    December 10, 2012 by GenLawrence

    Just a very quick message.

    1. I haven't been/will not be active lately due mainly to school and every time I do come on here, nothing pops up as important or interesting to look over as of late.
    2. Couple of days ago, I posted a YouTube video that has live action in it... so, if you want to see what I look like, check it out ;)

    See you guys around.

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