Hey everyone! I've been a bit inactive here because of this project that this blog is about. Anyways, about a week and a half ago, my studio and I started developing a pirate game. Unli-

Launcher Concept

The launcher so far. The weird-looking box is the loading progress, and the photo is just there as a placeholder.

ke the other projects, we know the game will not be out for years. My studio is pretty organized, and we've got five designers, one developer and three artists. Currently we have most of the launcher done, just a little programming needs to be done. We also have collected all the ideas. We are currently deciding on the programming language and engine, but only C++ and C# are options. C# is mostly for web development and stuff, but it works well, is easy to learn and efficent. C++ is of course the commercial gaming language. Please provide feedback on our work so far. Also, some of the ideas and features will be announced soon.

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