INFERNO is considered to be a great guild on POTCO, we are not like all the rumors that you hear around the caribbean. I am Ned, the GM, as u may know......... there are some pages of me that say that i dont care about my mates. But the truth is, i would do anything for them. Somehow other mates decided to edit the pages, and they made me look like a jerk. I tell you the truth, once your in INFERNO your part of our family and our legacy. Some of you wont even give us a chance, we are one of the kindest guilds out there, all you have to do is join and see for your self. We also do alot of fun activites such as.... PvP, SvS, Tormenta, Foul, etc. Please dont believe the rumors that everyone says about me and my guild, if you dont believe what im saying, join and see for your self. Recently we have been betrayed by alot of our members, im not really sure why, but we have a few spots open at the moment. So if your willing to join and become apart of our legacy, try to find an INFERNO and ask to join ( must be lvl 40 and up ). If you cant find an INFERNO try to look for me. I'll always be on Abassa, Tortuga. I look forward to seeing you all soon! :)

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