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Well, at least I like to call it an overhaul.

After a discussion with the administration, we have decided that we will start putting more effort into keeping this wiki alive. The things listed below are a result of said discussion.

New Hierarchical Structure

We decided that it would be best to keep the amount of burs, administrators, chat moderators, and rollbacks organized. We will be implementing a new pyramid chain of command that goes like this:


Administrator, Administrator, Administrator

Chat Moderator, Chat Moderator, Chat Moderator, Chat Moderator, Chat Moderator

*All chat moderators are also rollbacks. More rollbacks may be added, but in the current state of the wiki, this amount will be fine. The bureaucrat will be the head of the wiki, with the administrators next in line, then chat moderators and rollbacks, etc.

New Theme

I will be updating the theme, well I already started, as you can see. With this new theme I am trying to make the wiki feel like it used to back in 2012, but at the same time have it feel new.

Abuse Filter

I will be updating the abuse filter to protect us against malicious activity. It will stop anybody from using disallowed language, blanking whole articles, spamming, etc.

Policy Changes

These are being discussed and considered at the moment.


Inactive burs, administrators, chat moderators, and rollbacks, are being sent inactivity notices, as usual, if they do not pick up their activity, they will be demoted.


We will not be announcing any promotions.


  • Added seasonal decorations to the theme.
  • Implemented the new VisualEditor.

Most importantly, we need you, the users, to edit more and create new articles. All of these changes will mean nothing if we do not keep creating new fanon.

Any other updates will be added to this blog.

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