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With the recent events involving keylogging I've decided to inform the community about a few ways to prevent these viruses from infecting your computer.

First of all, do not click on any suspicious links and do not download any suspicious files. A file or link that seems fine could contain a virus, also. Even images can have viruses attatched to them.

If you feel the need to click on a link, but want to be safe, I've got a nifty little tool for you.

For our Windows users, I have an excellent anti-virus program that can remove, prevent, and quarantine viruses.

I have no knowledge of Mac antivirus programs, so please find a trustworthy one that is to your liking.

For mobile users I recommend checking up on some antivirus apps on Google Play, the App Store, or however else you obtain your apps.

If you want to remove viruses with minimal risk (Windows 7) you'll need to boot into safe mode by presding the F8 key repeatedly when the "Starting Windows" screen appears.

Select "Safe Mode With Networking".

Download Malwarebytes if you don't already have it and run a full and flash scan.

Follow the instructions on-screen in order to remove the infected files.

You could also use the registry editor to remove the files, but I won't be getting into that.

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