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These scripts have been added to the wiki.  

  1. DiscussionsFeed - Allows discussions to be seen easily in Special:RecentChanges and makes a new page Special:DiscussionsFeed.
  2. SaveKey - Allows pages to be saved by using CTRL+ S or Command + S
  3. AvatarFinder - Allows a user to add an up-to-date user avatar image into a page without using a file link.
  4. WikiaNotification - Adds custom notifications.
  5. AbuseLogRC - Adds a table on Special:RecentChanges showing the last triggered anti-abuse filters.
  6. MarkBlocked - Strikes out usernames that have been blocked.
  7. MassBlock - Batch block listed users.
  8. MessageBlock - Sends a message to blocked user to inform them about the block.
  9. RevealAnonIP - Unmasks "A Fandom contributor" so that their actual IP address can be seen easily.
  10. SeeMoreActivityButton - Adds a "See More" button to sidebar linking to Special:WikiActivity
  11. ChatSendButton - Add a 'Send' button to Chat.
  12. FixAdminKick - Allows you to kick other admins in chat.
  13. DiscordIntegrator - Displays a widget of a Discord server into the side bar or the content.

More will be added later and this list will be updated.

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