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A few days ago a demotion request was put up for myself. It passed the SSC and was defeated when it came down to a Community Vote. The majority of the opposes were from past users of the Wiki. Understandably, this was met with outrage. During this period of outrage I learned of a plan that would result in users leaving the Wiki as a result of the vote. Knowing that having several users leave the Wiki would cripple us, I approached them in an attempt to work things out.

This discussion led to a compromise being made. We had a long discussion about what exactly this compromise should be, we had the general idea from the beginning but needed to work out the fine details. In the end, the compromise ended up being this vote. That was only the first part of the compromise, though. The second was that another demotion request would be held, this time with the new voting rules. I will be making the vote for that demotion right after I post this blog, but I'd like to say a few things before I do so.

The good of the Wiki and the community have always been important to me. I've spent over five years on this site, my dedication has been and shall be unwavering. I've seen the Wiki at its worst, back in 2013 after POTCO closed. I did not wish to see the Wiki return to that state. This second demotion is not being made because I want to be demoted, it is to fix what went wrong in the past. Any gripes that you have with me, I will attempt to fix. I can't promise everything, but I can promise that this spirit of cooperation and compromise will remain.

G-man. @users
00:33, May 9, 2016 (UTC)
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