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A user may request that a new game be allowed on the wiki by filling out an application on this board. A vote will not be required for the game to be allowed, just an administrative approval (kind of like a category). There will be certain guidelines for games, though, such as:

1. Pornorgraphy games will not be allowed

2. As we are an English wiki, the game must have an English version

3. Games with nudity and sexual themes will be allowed, as long as no images or videos are uploaded that contain these themes.

4. The game must have already been released

There will also be guidelines for pages about the games.

1. Cursing will be allowed as long as the page name has no swearing in it, the page has a proper warning, and that there is not an excess amount of it (for example a wall of text containing only swear words)

2. Users may write with sexual themes, as long as they do not go into detail or write about the act of sex itself

3. New games will only be given their own category once enough pages are made about the game; until then they will be placed into a category with other games of the same genre

Just to make it clear, swearing will only be allowed on pages that follow the guidelines above. It will not be allowed in chat, comments, blogs, or anywhere on the wiki with the exception of mainspace pages.

Also, crossovers between accepted games will be allowed.

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:  22:24, August 16, 2014 (UTC)

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