Hello, Everyone. It has come to my attention that our guild, British Co. Elites has grown to become an acceptable guild, and is no longer a desperate one. So I requested a few changes be made in general to the guild.

1 There must be a rule chain, guilds without rules are guilds without care.

UPDATE : Edited the page and removed unnecessary caps so that it could be a nicer, more soothing introduction!

Added new rules!


1 No spamming or using caps to rage in - guild chat.

2 Please always ask before teleporting.

3 No cyber bullying, making our members feel any lower than you in any way ruins their experience and breaks their heart.

4 Do not try to handle fights on your own, if there is an incident happening in the guild simply contact an Officer or tell our GM.

5 If a member is in need of help or requires physical assistance and nobody else is volunteering to help them, Please participate. Again, giving our members the lack of attention they need ruins their experience.

6 We do not tolerate Officer abuse, if you see an Officer abusing his/her powers in any way take a screenshot or contact our GM.

7 Please do not ask to be an Officer in the guild, you will receive Officership if we see that you are taking enough care of our guild and it's members, there will also be a vote on which will let our members decide rather or not you will be promoted.

8 Please always welcome - back our guild members when they log on.

9 Always bring tonics with you!

10 No rep stealing, when in a crew everyone must recieve an equal amount of share

11 We are a family, we embrace these rules and always have fun together.

All changes are verified by our GM - Sven Daggersteel/Johnny Goldtimbers

NOTE: The changes made here are not equivalent to the guild's army ranking system, although you must still follow our rules!

More changes may be needed in the future. 

- Eric

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