As most of the Admins, and moderating team know, im "Basil Brawlmonk", but I prefer Mike or Michael. It has been quite a ride being Basil Brawlmonk, fighting Pears and all of my old POTCO adventures with the S.P.A.R.T.A.N.S.!!!!!!!! I of course have chose to give up the "Basil Brawlmonk" account and be here as this new account "Emperor Nexus", now im sorry about the Spartacus like pages I have been making but its what comes to my mind so I type what I think is pretty cool. I thank all my Lieutenants and all POTCO friends, like Charles Warmonk, Kate Thorn, Nate Crestbreaker, and to John Breasly for giving me my first roleplay opportunity to make it big! I took the opportunity but I wanted to forge my own path so I went on my lonesome. I forged the famed "SPARTANS" guild and cemented my legacy into POTCO history. I am very grateful for Albert Spark for giving me the opportunity to etch my name into the stones of POTCO Roleplay forever as his Prime Minister in Romania, which Albert and I eventually expanded into most of Eastern Roleplay Europe, Africa, Western Europe, and even some parts of Asia. Thanks once again for now on if you know me as "Basil" just call me Mike or Michael. I prefer to go by my real name. It has been quite a ride being Basil, now my journey continues but under a new name.

My Regards to all that have supported me and kept me going

- Michael

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